Daily Diving Trips

Daily Diving Trips

Meeting time at 08:15 at the diving center, Boat departs at 09:00 for 2 different dive sites everyday with a chance to have a 3rd dive if possible and visit the local wrecks. We offer food and beverage on board.

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Half Day Diving

House reef / Beach

Diving for divers who do not have enough time to go for a full day trip or first time divers in the Red Sea, with easy access house reefs, you can enjoy the Red Sea aquatic life and still be close to your friends and family on the beach.

Half Day / 1 Dive Trip

Offered from Pyramisa Beach Resort base with a motor boat that goes out 3 times a day to Ras Disha dive site for regular day diving and night diving as well.

Wreck trips

Local Wrecks

Local wrecks can be visited in the normal day trip as a 3rd dive at the start of the day. El Mina or the Harbour wreck is a 70 meter long Egyptian minesweeper that was sunk by an Israeli fighter in 1969 at a depth of 26-36 meters, large aircraft guns and ammunition can still be found on the wreck. Suzanna or the Excalibur wreck was a live-aboard vessel / Safari boat which sank in 1995 with traces of fire that lead to its sinking at a depth of 18-25 meters. Seahorses, Turtles and dolphins have been reported but they are not very common.

Special Wreck Trips

One of the real highlights of diving at our location is the well preserved and accessible shipwrecks that litter our sea bed, lying in easy reach from our bases. These trips depart early in the morning by 05:00 for 2 dives at the wreck site and back at the base by 17:00. Breakfast or/and Lunch and beverages is offered on board.

Special Dives

Night Diving

A completely different experience, do not leave the Red Sea without making at least one night dive. The marine life you see during the day is totally different to that of the night. It will look completely different as the nocturnal aquatic creatures venture out to feed. Turtles, Squids, Spanish Dancers, Crabs, Shrimps and much more are waiting for you… Night diving is offered everyday in all our House Reefs and Ras Disha reef.

Early Morning Diving

For divers who want to discover something different and can handle getting up very early, on the trip out to the reef, the sun rises and at the dive site, which is a drop off, you can get ready to jump in and see the night life still in action. You have a very good chance of seeing sharks, turtles and barracudas, it’s amazing.

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