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Chrisoula K

In late August 1981, the Chrisoula K got underway from Italy with a cargo of floor tiles destined for Saudi Arabia. The ship, under the command of Captain Kanellis, made safe passage across the Mediterranean Sea, One source states that Captain was on the bridge for the entire passage from Italy up to this point and then turned the helm over to another officer in order to retire for some well-earned rest. True or not, the ship continued on its passage south, steaming at full speed, when it struck the northeast corner of Abu Nuhas.
There was apparently enough damage to the hull of the ship that it was considered a total constructive loss. The 21-man crew was picked up by the Egyptian Navy based at Hurghada and delivered to Suez shortly afterwards. The ship soon began to take on water and, with her bow firmly embedded in the reef, began to sink by the stern. Eventually she settled on the bottom at the base of the reef in 20-30 meters of water.

  • Depth: 4-27 ms
  • Difficulty: 2
  • What to see: Chrisoula K

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