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Pirates diving and water sports network has been established since 1990 and is holding the highest award of excellence in Scuba diving and water sports industry.
Whether a beginner or a long-time diver, with more than 26 years of experience in our scuba diving sport we have seen scuba diving evolve to become truly enjoyed by a wide range of participants at various levels, we are delighted to be a leading contributor to that growth by enhancing your underwater experience. We understand the many variables that affect the quality of every diving experience.

The pirates legend started from the most legendary diver in Egypt, my father, Captain Nader Riad. Awarded as the best commercial diver for over 30 years and founder of Seamen diving & Clean Land. Born in the seaside town of Mamora in Alexandria, I was exposed to the mystery of sea at an early age. With a house full of diving equipments instead of toys & our own pool. Diving became my hobby, pastime & passion. I joined my dad in commercial diving & helped him in building most of the marinas all over Egypt. In 1990, I decided to venture into recreational diving, which was a little easier of course. I opened my first diving center in Beach Albatross Hurghada. With the background in commercial diving & my time spent traveling, I quickly became one of the youngest instructors teaching courses of all levels & satisfying all international standards. My passion for the business grew from strength to strength with livaboards & building my own fleet of boats. The struggle came after the Egyptian revolution. It was the hardest times I saw with even Beach albatross closing down for a while. But I didn't give up, with my loyal staff, many with me from the very start. We didn't allow the Pirates legend to go down or disappear as many other businesses did. Even the less loyal members of staff tried to destroy us by using my logo to take my reservations, hence my new personalized logo! My face can't be copied. We even got CNN to film us & show how the Red Sea was still alive, beautiful & safe! Now I'm 26 years on & writing this extract after many experiences, responsibilities, revolutions, traitors, loyalty, many ups & downs & working with the best the diving industry has known.
I'm proud to be the only pirate of the Red Sea & the legend lives on.

1 Apr

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