Enjoy most exciting adventures in the Red Sea and Egyptian desert.

Water Skiing or Wakeboarding

150 $ Book now
Wakeboarding or water skiing? Enjoy both with Pirates Diving team based on your age, athleticism level, and personal preferences.
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  • Fun and thrilling water sports
  • Fun and thrilling water sports
  • Flexible and affordable packages
  • Safe and convenient location


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Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Red Sea waters at a bird's-eye level while ascending up to 40-50 meters in the air to observe the coral reefs and look out for dolphins!

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  • A thrilling adventure
  • A safe and professional service
  • A flexible and convenient option
  • A memorable and fun experience

Banana Boat

35 $ Book now
Don't miss this exciting adventure for all your family members! Have fun on a hot summer day riding the banana boat.

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  • Fun and thrilling ride
  • Safe and suitable for all ages
  • Scenic views of the Red Sea
  • Affordable and convenient


35 $ Book now
Hold on tight to enjoy our Ringo rides with sudden bumps and waves of the sea guaranteeing the ultimate thrill and heart racing.

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  • A thrilling water sport
  • Fun and exciting
  • Safe and easy
  • Affordable and flexible


30 $ Book now
Come and enjoy this recreational water-based activity sharing unforgettable moments with your family or friends.
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  • Pedalo rental
  • Fun and exercise
  • Fun and exercise
  • Other water sports