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Advanced Level

Emergency First Response

CPR and First Aid: Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care

Emergency First Response is PADI's new first aid and CPR course. It teaches you to provide emergency care for someone in need and is based on internationally recognized medical guidelines for emergency care. Whether you're a diver or a non-diver, Emergency First Response helps you to properly handle potentially life-threatening situations. To qualify as a rescue diver you need to have current CPR training and the first part of this course fulfils this requirement.

What You Learn

               BLS (Basic Life Support) CPR and rescue breathing at the layperson level

               Preventing and caring for shock

               Spinal injury management

               Use of barriers to reduce disease transmission risk

               Basic first aid and first aid kit considerations

This comprehensive program contains 2 core modules that can be taught in tandem or as stand-alone courses: Emergency First Response - Primary Care and Emergency First Response - Secondary Care. Together, these courses provide extensive instruction in CPR and First Aid. The Primary and Secondary Care Manual and video on DVD preview emergency scenarios and provide step-by-step skill demonstrations.


Primary Care

A non-diving certification which teaches you the basic first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Scene assessment, barrier use, primary assessment, rescue breathing, one rescuer adult CPR, serious bleeding management, shock management, spinal injury management, automated external defibrillator orientation, conscious choking adult, emergency oxygen use.

Secondary Care

Build upon your CPR skills by learning how to provide secondary care to a patient when the care provided by local emergency services will be delayed. Injury assessment, illness assessment, bandaging, splinting for dislocations and fractures.

Scenario Practice

you then put all you have learned to practice by applying the skills to realistic situations.

Care for Children:

The Emergency First Response Care for Children course is designed to help you deal with emergencies involving infants and babies.



Care about other people and want to be able to assist them in a medical emergency


Additional charges (+ 10% sales tax)

  • EFR manual: c. €30
  • Certification fee: 50

As well as being an internationally qualified first aider, you are now ready to apply this and further knowledge and skills through the PADI Rescue course.


After becoming certified, join our Daily Diving Trips or the PADI Rescue Diver Course.

We offer a Free Scuba Diving Lesson in the training pool, Everyday. Please contact us to schedule.



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Emergency First Response

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